Inspired by an overnight train ride from Budapest to Sarajevo through the misty, frigid mountains of war torn Bosnia. There was only one train car, and two passengers, myself and a well traveled, very deep and lonely Gypsy that met my eyes with fear. That fear was unfounded, but I was uncomfortable, we were alone and I let my mind make up the relationship. But then we rode for hours, our eyes met several times and I peered into her story, her family, the struggles her soul was coming to terms with; and I realized we are the same, the same flesh, the same blood, we have the same fear, the same love and the same heart. We related through our eyes and nodded farewell.


Gypsy Lady
Caught me eye
Trace your roots
Breathe history
Why’d you run, why’d you run away?
Which chase are you choosing?
Budapest, behind me now
We are blind, souls are leading

Play on
Play on
Play on

Ride the cold steel
Iron and wine
We share this blood
Not now, but at one time
Well I’m alone, I am so alone
Wrap me with the mist from the mountain
Budapest behind us now
Blind in the rain souls ain’t doubting

Play on, for the truth
Play on, to the people
Play on, for your roots
Play on
Gypsy Roots
Our Gypsy Roots


One stone, makes a big ripple

We are on our Way
Make a fist, empower your intention
Get on the Way
Make time, break the bread, share the truth
Still got time to work it out
Exchange out passions
Come get on the Way
We are light, you are light, we are love!

One stone, makes a big ripple

There is a Way
Meet who you fear, and find they are you, they are you
Come get on our Way
We are light, you are light, we are love!

One stone, makes a big ripple

one stone

Inspired by the feeling that our purpose is to build community, speak with empathy and lead by example. We feel it is possible to passionately deliver your point of view while at the same time, having compassion for those who do not share your view. The only way to move forward in a loving, constructive and positive way is to build relationships with an open heart and open mind. In the end, we all want peace, harmony, health, a clean environment, strong will and an opportunity to create the reality of your dreams. One stone…

open heart

Inspired by the attacks in Paris a year ago and the global migration challenges. I’m working very hard to understand the many layers of these complex and heart wrenching situations. In these lyrics, I hope to express understanding and solidarity. Our hearts must remain open and be welcoming to all humans, we must deeply empathize with those that are struggling so hard and close our eyes to put ourselves in their position. We aspire to hold grace and awareness in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges and will let nothing pierce our gratitude or intention.


Another ash falls to the hearth
Home at last, back to birth
I can see beneath your faded fire
We roam, a lonesome earth

My heart is open, Come on in
Hearts when broken, grow within

Speak to me, behind the layers
Are we, buried alive?
Hordes of whores shoot their quivers
To pierce our grace, take our lives

My heart is open, Come on in
Hearts when broken, grow within

Talk to me , desolate tongue
You’re the kingdom, I’m pining to know
No expectations in our mutual space
No grounds to judge, the colors we show


I miss the Westside
Hearts rise with high tide
Don’t be afraid, oh no
When it goes low
I dream of Brooklyn
A woman I should know
Do you ever know
Making love with an empty picture frame

Mmm my heart
Come on home
Weary heart
Get home I’m torn apart
I will welcome you
I welcome you

Breathe that purity
Find the lessons, in everything
The violet mirage, what a gift
Grace I’ll dance with you
And over and over I’ll make, love with you
Mind’s told stories, hearts never wrote
I’m writing now I’m writing now




Here’s one to combat the universal delicate pain of love and love lost. A woman in need appeared in my
dreams while I lay in a tiny shack in a remote cloud village in Indonesia. In the dream, I offered genuine assistance to her, simple and without expectations. When a long pined for connection in the flesh was made, my mind overtook the reality of my simple mantra and began to create a scene based on external truths. My ego painted expectations and desires that may have been achieved if only my soul’s judgement rose to the top. A deep, robust and insistent love affair packed many lifetimes into a few weeks. The unsustainable affection was broken by a swift and distressing separation with no words since spoken. As my heart bled I began to realize this was to be the greatest gift ever bestowed! I was living in a sailboat on the Westside of LA as I penned the tale.

walk with you

Stepping along an ancient route with a small rucksack and torn map through the Turkish mountains, is where these lyrics came to birth. I was drawn to the Old Testament paths and lost trading routes of Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek people when the center of the world was the Mediterranean Sea. I walked past buried shrines to Zeus, Temples to Aphrodite and the same stone walls forgotten traders had journeyed along. Close to the end of a 200 km walk I came across a group of shepherds resting in their small hut on the side of Mt Olympus near the Turquoise sea. We shared no language yet shared stories with our eyes, and cups of tea. We laughed, made hand gestures and intertwined our history, paths and love in vibrational harmony. I left these men, who continued a venerable tradition with no stake in the modern world, and I uttered the chorus. I will walk with these men; I will take a step in their shoes and I will listen to the tales of all men with empathy and compassion; without fear.


Born into this moment
Taste it, don’t waste a minute
Contemplating fear
Convenience your eyes to open with ears to truth
Don’t hide behind the veil of deception
No walls yield detection, make your intention
One to be judged by time
Not in this lifetime
Be patient, refrain isolation and inspiration
Will be the well, overflowing
Keep growing

I will walk with you

Dig deeper
Don’t let fear be the prescher
Close your eyes, meditate on the wind
She blows away the doubt
Beneath the layers, we are all payers, purveyors
Of a just God, just God
Reactivity, perpetual acidity
Alkaline, fine wine, over time dump the weight
Soak up, love showers
Empower, empower

I will walk with you
I will put on your shoes if you walk in my shoes